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Art Teachers

Art Teachers

Current Art Course Offerings 2022-2023

  • Art I
  • Drawing and Painting I Honors (prereq: Art I)
  • Advanced Drawing and Painting II Honors (prereq: Drawing & Painting I)
  • Ceramics I Honors (prereq: Art I)
  • Advanced Ceramics II Honors (prereq: Ceramics I)
  • Graphic Design I Honors (prereq: Art I)
  • Graphic Design II Honors (prereq: Graphic Design I)
  • Art III Honors (prereq: Draw/Paint I&II, or Grap. Des I&II, or Ceramics I&II)
  • AP 2D Art and Design, AP 3D Art and Design, and AP Drawing (prereq: Art III & Teacher Recommendation)
  • Art IV Honors (prereq. Art I, II, & III)

NEW: Yearbook will be switching to the Art Department starting 2023-2024 school year!